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Oral Pathology Biopsy Service

Please complete this form only when you have a specimen (in formalin or other medium) to submit.
If you would like a patient to be evaluated for pathology with a possible biopsy or additional testing, please use this form:
(Comprehensive Clinical Pathology Services)

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Please Review

DATE: 3-26-2023

Phone: (800) 358-1011
Fax: 734-764-2469

Patient Agreement to Pay for Services. In the event that my medical health insurance and/or Medicare/ Medicaid does not pay for laboratory, diagnostic, and any other fees, I understand and agree that I will be responsible for payment in full to the University of Michigan Oral Pathology Biopsy Service.

If the patient's signature is not on file, please have them sign and date the printed version of this review that is sent.

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    Patient Billing Policy & Agreement to Pay for Services

    Patient Notice of Billing Policy. As a result of evaluation by your dentist or physician a specimen is being sent to us for an oral pathologist’s diagnosis.

    Our fee for the diagnosis of your biopsy is separate from your dentist’s or physician’s fee for the biopsy procedure. The diagnosis of your biopsy is a medical (not dental) procedure. If your medical insurance information is included with your biopsy, we will submit a claim for you.

    If there is a balance due on your account, you will receive a statement. Please check with your insurance carrier. They may require a referral letter, PPO form, or prior authorization code from your primary physician.

    For questions concerning the bill and/or payment arrangements for your biopsy, please contact:

    APS Medical Billing
    Toll free phone: 800-678-1861

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    3. Patient Information: Medical

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    Note: if no medical insurance is entered, the patient will be billed directly.

    The field below is only required if Primary or Secondary insurance were selected above.

    If you do not have a scan of the insurance card, please enter the insurance details in the field below this message.

    If you have a scan of the insurance card, please upload the image(s) using the "Image Uploads" section near the bottom of the form and simply write "uploaded" in the text field just below this message.

    4. Patient Information: Current Lesion(s):

    If drawing multiple locations, please allow a brief pause between each (~1-2 seconds).
    If choosing different colors for different lesions, you can close the color picker by clicking the word "Draw."


    Current Lesion(s)
    Please describe the lesion(s) and location of biopsy *
    Please indicate your clinical (differential) diagnosis.*
    Please indicate the nature of the operation (clinical procedure)*
    apicoectomy, curettage, enucleation, excision, incision, extraction, punch, other (please specify)
    Please indicate your surgical findings
    Is the patient currently using systemic or topical steroids?
    Did the patient have a prior relevant biopsy submitted to a laboratory other than the University of Michigan?*
    If yes, please provide information so that we can retrieve the report (referring doctor's name and location)

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    Patient Signature: Please note that a patient signature needs to accompany the biopsy submission form for the sample to be processed.

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